Dr. M. Carolina Florian

Dr. M. Carolina Florian is an ICREA Research Professor since February 2023. She obtained her Master in Pharmaceutical Biotechnology (2004) and her PhD in Endocrinology (2008) by the University of Milan, Italy. After her postdoctoral training in Hematopoietic Stem Cell Biology (2009-2015), she became Emmy Noether Junior Group Leader at the University of Ulm, Germany (2016). In 2020, she moved to the Program of Regenerative Medicine at the Bellvitge Institute of Biomedical Research, Barcelona, Spain, where she is currently leading the Stem Cell Aging lab. Her research in the past years strongly challenged the concept that aging is an irreversible process. Her team investigates the role of epigenetics and of the stem cell microenvironment in driving aging of somatic stem cells. The scope is to define possibilities to target aging and functionally rejuvenate stem cells and tissues and possibly extend healthspan and lifespan. Carolina brings her expertise on stem cell biology and her attitude toward an innovative and interdisciplinary research to MoglingBio.