Dr. Jürgen Reeß, MD, co-founder, CEO

Jürgen has over 20 years of experience in operative and strategic clinical development, most recently as the CEO and managing director of Cellerys AG.  Prior to that, he was Corporate Senior Vice President of International Project Management at Boehringer Ingelheim Human Pharma. A trained physician with a medical and doctorate degree from the University of Ulm (Germany), he is a board-certified neurologist and a leader in the pharmaceutical industry. He supervised the development, approval, and launch of numerous blockbuster therapies for autoimmune diseases, interstitial lung diseases, central nervous system disorders, and cancer, meeting milestones in nearly 100 projects across several therapy areas. Jürgen leads Mogling Bio with a high proficiency in fostering productivity and creativity in multidisciplinary teams to move the anti-stem cell aging product development forward.