Dr. Yi Zheng, PhD, co-founder, Scientific Advisor

Yi is a biochemist and has over 30 years of experience studying the mechanistic role of Rho family GTPases including Cdc42. He is a Professor and Co-Director, Cancer and Blood Diseases Institute, and Leader of the Signaling and Drug Discovery Program at Cincinnati Children’s Research Foundation. His academic career has been continuously supported by US National Institutes of Health, Department of Defense, American Cancer Society, as well as private foundations. He has over 300 scientific publications, mostly focusing on molecular and cellular mechanisms of Rho GTPase signaling in stem cells and cancer.  Together with the co-founder Dr. Hartmut Geiger, his lab identified a first generation of Cdc42 inhibitor, CASIN, that is active in suppressing Cdc42 activity and can reverse aging induced loss-of-polarity of stem cells and extend lifespan.  Yi brings his expertise in cell signaling, small molecule drug design, and novel mouse models to Mogling Bio for developing the next generation of anti-aging agents targeting Cdc42.